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Jerzy Duda Gracz, ADORATION POKUSA - 3, 1994

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28.0 x 57.0cm - oil, plate signed l.d.: DUDA GRACZ . 1687/94

On the reverse on the plate:

- author's sticker filled in by hand with details of the painting and signature;

- exhibition sticker [print]: WROCŁAW'S MUNICIPAL MUSEUM | Jerzy Duda Gracz - Pro memoria | Wrocław collection | 8 I - 13 II 2005; below, museum stamp;

-exhibition sticker [print]: Silesian Museum in Katowice | Jerzy Duda Gracz - | Pro memoria - | Wroclaw collection | 19 Feb - 10 Apr 2005, museum stamp at left;

- exhibition sticker [print]: Legnica Copper Museum | Jerzy Duda Gracz | Pro Memoria | Wroclaw Collection 15.04. 2005 - 28.05. 2005, below museum stamp;

- Tichauer Art Gallery and Agra-Art, Tychy 1 July - 24 September 2023;

- p.d. on panel, inscription in marker: 1687/94.

Image exhibited:

- Jerzy Duda Gracz - Pro memoria. Wrocław Collection, City Museum of Wrocław 8 I - 13 II 2005, Silesian Museum in Katowice 19 II - 10 IV 2005, Copper Museum in Legnica 15 IV - 28 V 2005;

- Polish Summer. Duda Gracz at Tichauer, Tichauer Art Gallery, Tychy 1 VII - 24 IX 2023.

Reproduced image:

- Jerzy Duda Gracz. Pro memoria. Wrocław collection (exhibition cat.), City Museum of Wrocław, Wrocław 2005, p. 38, color illustrations, cat. no. 32;

- Polish Summer. Duda Gracz at Tichauer, Tichauer Art Gallery, Tychy VI 2023, p. 52, color ill.

The painting Adoration of Temptation - 3 is saturated with the muted atmosphere of a pre-evening landscape - a mood close to the works of Polish Modernism from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The depicted figures, which seem to be on the borderline between childhood and adulthood, are also somewhat reminiscent of figures from paintings by, for example, Witold Wojtkiewicz. Polish art of that time influenced the atmosphere, the shaping of the form, the character and the mood of Jerzy Duda Gracz's paintings (especially in the series of provincial-commune paintings), but found in his painting not so much an imitation as a creative development, bearing the definite stamp of an easily recognizable, distinct style of the artist, who is here a worthy continuator of the traditions already present in Polish painting. Duda Gracz's deep sensitivity to the peculiar moodiness of the Polish landscape and his ability to masterfully convey the subtleties of color and shapes merging at dusk are clearly evident here. The realm of meanings associated with the painting's subject remains a mystery, but it, too, may be left unsaid.

♣ An additional fee will be added to the Purchase Price resulting from the right of the artist and his heirs to receive remuneration in accordance with the Law of February 4, 1994 - on Copyright and Related Rights (droit de suite).

Jerzy Duda Gracz (Częstochowa 1941 - Łagów 2004)- painter, illustrator, stage designer, educator. He received his diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow at the Department of Graphics in Katowice in 1968. In 1976-82 he was a lecturer at the academy, then a professor at the Silesian University in Katowice. He also taught at the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw (1992-2001).
His paintings are characterized by technical virtuosity and attention to detail. He practiced art in the broadly defined realist convention with dominant figure deformation and grotesque. He created a world of unmasking, using the language of journalism and allegory. He is the author of several major projects, including the "Transfiguration" plafond in the church in Toporovo (1995) and the "Golgotha of Jasna Gora" series in the Monastery of the Pauline Fathers in Czestochowa (2000/2001). The artist has had more than 180 solo exhibitions at home and abroad (including Berlin, London, Paris, Moscow, Rome, Vienna, Florence, Düsseldorf, Chicago, New Delhi, Munich, New York and others). He participated in about 300 national exhibitions and international presentations of Polish art. He represented Poland, among others, at the XLI Art Biennale in Venice in 1984, at the XX and XXI World Art Fairs in Cologne in 1986 and 1987, and at EXPO '92 in Seville. Jerzy Duda Player's paintings are in the collections of the National Museums in Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan, Wroclaw and Gdansk, the Jagiellonian University Museum in Collegium Maius in Cracow, the Museum of the Earth of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, the art collections at Jasna Gora in Czestochowa and other district and city museums, and in private collections, including those of W. Ochman and W. Fibak; abroad - in the collections of the Uffizi in Florence, the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, the Ghent City Museum, the "BAWAG" Foundation in Vienna and the Vatican Collection, as well as in the galleries and collections of Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Israel, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA, Venezuela, the UK, Italy and Hungary.
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Contemporary Art Auction
16 June 2024 CEST/Warsaw
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